Wedding Blocks

To receive a wedding block sheet with our rates, please text 408-828-9722

Get group rates for you and your wedding guests!

Our 2 top floor rooms are the perfect place for the bride and groom to get ready for their big day! Each room has one king size bed. We require a 2 night minimum on all bookings.

Paying on one credit card:

When booking all rooms on one credit card, we take 10% off your entire booking.

Paying on separate credit cards:

There is no discount when paying on separate credit cards. Each guest can call in and book their individual rooms on their individual credit cards. To hold these rooms for your wedding guests, we require one main credit card be held on file. Your rooms will be held for your wedding guests, however if the rooms are not booked by the date of arrival, the credit card on file will be charged for any vacant rooms.